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Why should I take a professional qualification?

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Why should I take a professional qualification

“I’ve been doing this job for X years so why should I take a qualification in it?”

Yes, weve heard that many times and its time to lay out some facts. And the first fact is that taking a professional qualification is nothing like “going back to school”, and does not mean starting from scratch. It does however give you the chance to share your experiences (good and bad) with other like-minded people, and to learn/try out some new things to make life easier.

It is also a fact that one of the best ways to increase your income and enhance your career prospects is by gaining a professional qualification. But what exactly is a professional qualification and how does this differ from other courses?

Professional qualifications can apply to any professional role though more common for middle to senior roles in business. This includes Management (at all levels), Finance and Accounting, HR, and Training/teaching. Many people have extensive experience in their job and take these qualifications to confirm and certificate this, whilst others will want to enhance their CV. Some may just want to make their day to day work life easier by learning some effective new tools and techniques!

In many cases you can choose which modules you want to achieve so you can tailor your qualification to your own work role, or may want to choose modules for the job you want to get.

Professional qualifications are about the reality of the workplace and provide a blend of theory with very practical application. Its not enough that you “know a theory”, it is only of benefit to you and your employer if it helps you to do your job more effectively. Professional courses reflect good practice and enable you to either confirm that you work to this, or provide you with the skills to achieve this. Along the way you will be able to share ideas and maybe make some good business and networking contacts. Its sometimes about who you know that makes the difference!

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